Change the Way You Eat provides the tools for everyone to take ownership of their eating choices so that lifelong change can take place.

eating fresh from change the way you eat


You may have read a little or even a lot about healthy eating. Either way, you’re likely to find Change the Way You Eat goes well beyond the traditional nutrition and diet topics. In this book you won’t find definitions and examples of nutrients and energy. Instead you’re going to be exposed to a bit of theory and research on why we eat what we eat, and you’ll discover that much of this lies in the realm of psychology. Calculating calories, grams of this or that is not directly relevant, and in fact as we will see it’s not overly helpful anyway, which explains why it seems many efforts to improve community eating have been largely unsuccessful.

Discover how:

  • Our stage of life, gender, financial resources and values all influence our food choices.
  • branding, packaging and labelling combine to manipulate our shopping habits.
  • our inbuilt taste preferences can determine the food we’re drawn to, and how to reprogram them.
  • our environment — from the type of music playing while we eat to the number of people we eat with — can all affect our eating habits.
  • our personality and emotions can determine our food choices and habits, and
  • we can implement our new found knowledge to take back control of our plate, become conscious eaters and gain real enjoyment from nourishing ourselves in a way that promotes long-term health and happiness.


Change the Way You Eat has nine easy-to-read chapters to show you tips how to follow a plan to healthy eating. There will be no more dieting or emotional eating just good food that encourages fresh food to enable you good health and nutrition.

This book Change the Way You Eat is more about the psychology of eating than nutrition. It’s a revealing tale: our love affair with fat and salt, our battle against innate desires, the seduction of marketing, and the triumph of common sense over habit. Such is food psychology.